Second Largest ADT Authorized Dealer Safe Haven Security’s Sales Trainers Provide Employees With Tools for Success

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As part of the vast network of home security dealers for ADT, Safe Haven is looking to add members to its ever growing family of account representatives. In order to best serve its customers in any of the dozen of cities in which the company operates, Safe Haven has to be able to not only quickly onboard new recruits, but to also effectively train them.

Over the years, the company has been able to create a system that promotes success on an individual level. There are several different layers of management to help not only new recruits, but individuals that have already gone through training and need to acquire additional skills.

Meet Jonathan Platz, one of our esteemed sales trainers. He has almost ten years of previous sales experience and is an ideal person to help our sales members stay on the right track.
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Several members of our team have found the training we offer beneficial. Hear for yourself!

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Going Out of Town? Follow These Tips to Keep Your Home Secure!

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Each year, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. As we all know, the summer season marks a time of year when many Americans are taking extended trips out of town to a second property like a lake house or even an international vacation. To help homeowners ensure that their trips are worry free, we’re sharing some simple home security tips to follow when traveling out of town!

When you’re traveling, it’s always advised that you leave on at least one light in your home. By doing this, you can provide the illusion that someone is there. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving lights on 24/7, there are a variety of ways or products that help you set up a schedule or remotely activate your lights. One such system is the ADT Pulse app. By utilizing this application, you can remotely turn your lights on or off at any time of day as long as you have an Internet connection. You can learn more about the ADT Pulse app online.

A properly manicured lawn goes a long way. Not only can it add to the appeal to your home, it can also provide the impression that someone is home and actively taking care of the yard. Forbes recently shared an article that details how exterior lighting and maintained landscaping can be more effective at protecting your home than replacing doors, locks and windows. With proper design, your landscaping can place potential thieves on display as they quickly attempt to break into your home.

While traveling, you can expect to be the recipient of some wonderful mail in the form of coupons, magazines or even bills. Unfortunately, to a thief, these materials can quickly pile up and become a clear sign that no one is home to collect the mail and bring it inside. A solution? The USPS has the ability to hold mail delivery to your home until you return. Also, you could simply ask a trusted neighbor, family member or friend to stop by and quickly pick up your mail for you until your return.

Final Reminder
Our final recommendations are simple and easy. Before you go out of town, make sure you ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on your home from time to time. The reason a neighbor may be best person for the job is that they can conveniently check on your home without drawing too much attention to individuals outside the neighborhood. Finally, make sure you activate your security system so you always have the experts at ADT monitoring your home 24/7.

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