ADT Authorized Dealer Helps Educate Consumers on ADT Pulse

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The ADT Pulse app is a digital application that helps grant homeowners complete control of their homes with smart technology. With the goal of making customers lives easier, ADT developed the app to grant remote access from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. By Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can access different aspects of your home to arm or disarm your system, control the thermostat, lock doors, close garage doors and turn on lights, as long as they’re connected to your ADT system.

The Pulse app allows customers the ability to customize their individual systems to receive notifications when different events occur in the home. Say you’re at work and want to know when your kids get home from school. You can set up notifications that alert you to not only their arrival at home but the moment they enter the door. By utilizing the ADT Pulse video package, you can actually access live camera feeds to see the kids walking in the door or playing inside to help provide you with a little peace of mind.

The video camera packages also comes with another helpful feature. In the case of a break-in, the cameras can be programmed to record a 30 second video to help record the intruders. This information may prove beneficial to authorities looking to capture thieves that target neighborhoods like yours. In many cities, police have begun asking neighborhoods for any security footage individual homes may have to help capture individuals.

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Safe Haven Security Examines the Growth of Smart Home Technology

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The history of home automation and smart technology could be said to begin with the film Back to the Future Part II. Mashable claims that a scene in this movie inspired many homeowners to desire a more connected home that could easily be controlled at your fingertips. Over the past decade, consumers have been flooded with new technology to help realize the dream of a smarter home.

Recent studies by Coldwell Banker show that not only are smart devices becoming more popular, but can add value to a home as well. The data shows that nearly half of all Americans surveyed either owned some smart home technology or planned a future investment in it for their homes. The survey also indicates that many Americans, nearly 56 percent, found homes with pre-installed smart home technology to be more appealing.

Some smart devices that have recently entered the market are the Nest Thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell and Amazon Echo. The Nest, released in 2011, is now on its third generation design and allows users to control the temperature of their home from anywhere using their phone. The device has the ability to not only schedule temperatures to ensure you have a toasty arrival to your home, it also has the capability to learn. As you program temperatures for different times, your thermostat begins to automatically adjust itself for you. The next device, the Ring video doorbell, is slightly newer to the market. This digital doorbell can be set up with different levels of sensitivity in order to account for any movement that may be seen by the device. The innovative device allows users to see who’s standing at their doorstep and gives them the opportunity to converse with any visitors without opening the door. The Amazon Echo helps integrate a lot of your home’s smart tech into a central hub that you can control with your voice.

The beauty of all these devices is that they can all be integrated with your home security system using ADT Pulse. With our very own home security app, you can control all of these devices seamlessly in a single place. Pulse provides users with the sense of security knowing that no matter where they are, their home is secure. With the ADT Pulse application you can also turn on lights, close your garage door and even lock your front door. Our representatives at Safe Haven are completely knowledgeable about our ADT Pulse systems. To schedule a consultation for your home, we encourage you to visit you online or call us at 877-842-0818.