Let’s Reconnect with Home is Connected!

Welcome to Safe Haven’s one-stop resource for D.R. Horton employees. As you return back to your divisions, we hope you find this information helpful and share it with division employees who were unable to attend the trade show.

What role does Safe Haven play in Home is Connected? ​

Safe Haven is the smart home integrator for D.R. Horton. Our job is to set up the Home is Connected system and complete installation. This includes not only delivering items included in the home purchase, but also our white glove installation and set-up service that includes helping the homeowners learn all the features of their new home.  

What services does Safe Haven provide to support Home is Connected? ​

Along with providing post-close installation of the Home is Connected package to all D.R. Horton home purchasers, Safe Haven also provides:

  • Low voltage service in select markets
  • Product delivery and installations of the new 10 and 25 Deako upgrade packs
  • Model home installations and support services for model home management 
  • Onsite training for D.R. Horton sales and construction teams. Please contact your Safe Haven Regional Coordinator or someone from our national team to schedule one of these popular visits. We are happy to buy breakfast or lunch and help your team reconnect with Home is Connected! 

How does the homebuyer experience work?

  1. Safe Haven contacts customer with an introductory email and welcome call 2-3 weeks before closing. 
  2. Safe Haven reviews what’s included in the Home is Connected package, confirms what devices we will be delivering and schedules a post-close installation date.
  3. Client is offered an opportunity to upgrade their system to include ADT monitoring with special discounted rates and incentives. 
  4. If client elects to upgrade to ADT, Safe Haven will do a soft credit pull as part of ADT’s requirements for service. This will not affect their credit score or closing in any way. 
  5. Safe Haven delivers, installs, and provides an orientation on all post-close products during our white glove installation after the home closing. This would include any upgrade items such as Deako upgrade packages. 
  6. We provide ongoing technical support for Home is Connected products for 36 months after close. 
  7. Clients receive a 12-month warranty on all Home is Connected devices Safe Haven delivers and installs. If a client chooses to upgrade to ADT, they receive an extended warranty on their Qolsys panel and all Safe Haven delivered devices for the life of service with ADT. 
  8. At the end of the client’s initial 36-month service with Alarm.com, Safe Haven will notify the customer in advance and provide to them package options to continue using their Alarm.com app.

How D.R. Horton benefits when homeowners choose ADT.

Every time a homeowner chooses to upgrade their Home is Connected system with professional ADT monitoring, D.R. Horton receives a revenue sharing rebate. Contact Adam Dunnam with D.R. Horton for more information on how this positively impacts your division. We regularly run contests to showcase the divisions who excel at these efforts.

What is the best way to contact Safe Haven?​

If you already have a personal contact at Safe Haven, always feel free to reach out to them. If you’re new with D.R. Horton you can use our Concierge line at 877.643.6612 or use [email protected]. The phone number and email address can be used by D.R. Horton employees or homeowners. The email or phone number can also be used by construction teams for scheduling requests.

I have a question about purchase order. Who do I call? 

Please Contact JoAnn Ginter. Her information is listed in the Key Contacts tab. 

Key points of contact at Safe Haven.

D.R. Horton Concierge Service Department

D.R. Horton employees, homebuyers, tech support and warranties 


[email protected]

Lance Kurtz

National Director of Business Development 

Cell: 704.968.7861

[email protected]

JoAnn Ginter 

National Director of Admin Operations 

Cell: 651.309.7615

[email protected]

Cherie Abbott

National Coordinator – Concierge 

Cell: 720.810.3405

[email protected]

Jon Stauffer

National Coordinator – Technical

Cell: 916.990.4544

[email protected]

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